Minatare Junior High Volleyball traveled to Banner County on Saturday October 8th and participated in the MAC JH Volleyball tournament.

Minatare played Leyton in the first game and won with scores of  25-8, 25-12.

They then went on to play South Platte and won with scores of 27-25, 25-12.

Minatare Junior High Ladies then moved on to the Championship round to play Garden County. The ladies were defeated by Garden County but left the MAC Tournament in 2nd Place.  That made their season record as of today, 11-4.

Congratulations to these girls and their coach!  Job Well Done.

Madeline Camargo, Ciara Cole, Bayleigh Lacy, Liyah Janis, Yarely Herrera, Jimena Perez, Ana Lovato, Saya Newlin, Lizette Galindo, Zoe Pedotto and Coach Laura McAllister.